Welcome to the heart of the Scenic Rim. It’s a beautiful region, where country hospitality, incredible views and fresh produce abound. You’ve arrived at the gateway to many of the region’s National Parks.


This country town is buzzing. Walk down the main street and you’ll feel the energy.

The CWA ladies sell their wares outside the supermarket (we challenge you to find better scones); Mums wrangle their kids out of the toy shop; Bill from up the road has a yarn to Dave from across the hill. Outside the post office a gaggle of local ladies catch up on the gossip, swap stories and compare notes on recent rainfalls. Get lost in the country store, and enjoy coffee and cake at one of the town’s many cafes.

Dusty, battered farm utes are parked alongside sleek town cars and four-wheel drives, this motoring mix reveals much about the people who call Boonah home. It’s a town which began life as a hub of rural industry, settled by German and English pioneers in the early 1800s. These days farming is still the main industry, 90 per cent of Queensland’s carrots are grown here, but there’s also a new crowd in town.

Boonah has become a favourite among the ‘tree-change’ set, those people seeking more from life. They’re young families who want their children to have a pony and space to run; retirees who have long hankered for a simpler life, and to be part of a friendly community; or adventure-seekers who love the easy access to first-class bushwalking and rock climbing.

The area’s two dams are a huge hit with watersport and fishing enthusiasts. Visit Lake Maroon and Lake Moogerah most weekends, public holidays and school holidays and you’re sure to find a hive of activity as ski boats, fishing boats and kayaks share the water. In quieter times, the dams offer an idyllic setting for a laidback picnic.

You’ll also enjoy the atmosphere in the historic pubs and sidewalk cafes. On the outskirts of town, there are fabulous wineries just waiting to be discovered. Bed and Breakfast, self-contained cottages, country guest houses and motel accommodation, whatever your preference you will find it here. This little town has it all, country charm and city conveniences.


When you arrive at Aratula, at first glance may seem small, but don’t be deceived. Aratula is a much anticipated rest stop for thousands of motorists, they know what’s on offer. Fresh-baked bread, the best chocolate éclairs you’ll find for miles, and great chunky country beef pies. The fresh fruit and vegetables were probably picked from one of the local farms this morning. You’ll also find antiques, coffee and generous country hospitality.

Boonah, Aratula, Lake Maroon and Lake Moogerah

Things to do

  • Stroll down Boonah’s friendly, buzzing main street
  • Meet and mix with the many, local colourful characters
  • Get on your bike, we’re a popular place for cyclists and motorbike enthusiasts
  • Try our local food and wine
  • Walk up Mt French, the views from the top are great
  • Walk up Mt French, the views from the top are great
  • Browse our art galleries, they’re full of local artwork and hand-crafted jewellery
  • Visit the local donkey farm
  • Go waterskiing at Lake Moogerah
  • Step back in time at the Templin Historic Village
  • Take a scenic drive through the hills and past the local farms


Things to SEE and DO

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